Oct 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

El will be going as a zombie again... it rather suits him.

Oct 27, 2009

El Snacktator: 20th Century Muse

Taken from Gardner's Art Through the Ages: Few people realize the relevance of El Snacktator in 20th Century Art. El tantalized and teased artists, bringing out their best and their worst.

The above Miro is an example of an artist not being able to get El out of his mind. While Miro despised bourgeois art and its subjects, he found himself tantalized by El's childlike (childish?) ways. He was also haunted by the playfulness and come hither mood of El's white frosting squiggle....

Miro- much like a person fighting the urge to eat a mass produced cupcake and losing, found himself tempted to capture El on canvas, and then, once giving into temptation, found himself filled with disgust.

The love/hate relationship between El Snacktator and some of the 20th Century's most important artists would be a common theme.

Give 'Em El

Apparently the public has spoken... at least the public on Facebook. They're not getting enough El. While El can understand, El has also been leery of committing more time to the internetz. El does have a world to run. However, El is also benevolent.. so is willing to give them what they want.