Jul 22, 2011

El Runs/Ran in Cool Circles...

Today is the birthday of three of El's great friends, all artistic in nature, all understanding the depth and nuance of El. Unfortunately two of them have since slipped off this mortal coil. One still remains. Come to think of it, the two who have since departed, have captured El's greatness. One still has not... El's going to have to do something about that.

Happy Birthday, Ed... ya old moody bastard!

Happy Birthday, Sandy!! El always loved your playfulness.

And last, but not least... Happy Birthday, Cat! YOU ROCK!!!

Jul 7, 2011

Oh the Cruel Irony

El, feeling slightly sorry for Mr. Dylan Brody, decided to take pity on him and release him from El's spell. El realizes that not everyone wants to be enraptured. El realizes that not everyone can stand the magnetic pull that El exudes. Dylan was not sure he could handle being the moon to El's sun, so El released him.

Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. El's #1 fan is even more under El's spell. Oh well. You can't fight the power.