Mar 9, 2010

El Snacktator 20th Century Muse: Alexander Calder

Another one of El's favorite portraits would have to be the whimsical wire sculpture done by good friend, Sandy Calder. There was no formal sitting, no planning, it just happened after a wonderful dinner. El was talking about El, something El is good at doing, while Sandy worked the wire.

In Calder's piece, we see El stripped down once more, but whereas Hopper's stripped down version of El is filled with angst and loneliness... Calder's take on El was much more playful, but then Sandy was a happier man than Ed.

However... lonely artist, happy artist, it just doesn't matter... no one can resist the lure of the squiggle.

A secret that El doesn't share with everyone... El has many squiggles. Yes, they're removable. El even has squiggles with differing numbers of loops. Next time you hear the rumor that El must have 7, you tell them you know better! El sometimes has 6... and even up to 8. It's a mood thing.


Kathleen said...

I wish I had this to hang over B's diaper changing station

Pinko Punko said...

K beat me to it!

fish said...

That is awesome.

El Snacktator said...

Perhaps some day it will go on the auction block...

That is awesome.

Of course it is... it's El.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

El Sculpture!

Could be made into wind chimes even. Also. Maybe.