Mar 25, 2010

El will be there to pick up the pieces...

El read a snippet in the news yesterday that suggested The Shatner's new show was going to be a bust. El just wants The Shatner to know that he will be here... ready to work... ready to form a duet that will boldly go where no duet has gone before.

El would also like to say that Anderson Cooper has released him from the sticky bonds of Facebook purgatory. Was he released into the warm embrace of Anderson's friendship?


He was not.

El, knowing that Anderson must surely have made a mistake, jumped right back into purgatory! El's no fool!


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Some of us/we/pants anti-social websitarians need more info, about eff-book, and such as.

However, thanks to reading you, kathleen, and b.g. my guess is that:

Anderson Cooper has not accepted El Snacktator's friendship offer.

My guess is in no way related to my opinion of Anderson Cooper or other human beings, some of whom could have a higher opinion rating if they weren't cobags quite so often.

Kathleen said...

Anderson probably feels the need to remain unbiased when covering El.

Capt. Trollypants said...

Covering El with his man sauce.

Do not trust the desirous eyes of Anderson Cooper for cupcake!!!!!