May 25, 2010

El Snacktator 20th Century Muse: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

El's been rearranging Snackhambra again and ran across one of his favorite pieces of furniture... his custom BarcELona chair. Yes, BarcELona... at least that's what Mies named it.

You see, El didn't only have an impact on painters. No, no one was or is immune to that squiggle... El's iconic embellishment. Not even Mies... student of "form follows function"... less is more... you get the idea.

Maybe it was a case of opposites attract, but no matter how different their approach, El being all about the more, Mies being all about the bare bones, stripped down glory, El and Mies were instantly the best of friends... And so Mies dared to adorn his beloved Barcelona chair with an unneeded, totally frivolous embellishment (although he tried to claim it was a headrest and therefore had function) and renamed it the "BarcELona Chair".

El always loved Mies for that. El also wanted solid gold legs, but Mies drew the line. It was chrome or nothing. Pffft. Oh well.

May 15, 2010

It's "Show a Zombie Some Luv!" Day!!!

As El saw mentioned over here:

It's Show a Zombie Some Luv Day... have you hugged your zombie today? Zombies, often maligned in the arts, are really sensitive, caring souls... or would be... you know, if they had a soul. Still, they want their attention, they want their props, and who are we to deny them?

May 4, 2010

It's El's World...

El's time has come... Apparently Hostess is finally honoring El with a squiggle art contest/campaign... El thinks Hostess is finally reading his blog... El's squiggle has been honored for some time...

Others may have forgotten that it's El's world, but El hasn't. Take that Little Debbie! Yes, you get your corporate jet, but El still has the world...

And... El is hoping that Hostess might just work out a little deal for El with The Shatner...

All hail El Snacktator!

Update: El's advisers (yes, he has them... he's not totally a solo act, even though he rules the world) have suggested that Hostess come to him, that he not go to them. El is his own being... but then he always knew that.