Nov 23, 2009

El Snacktator in the Sky with William Shatner!

El has been remiss in keeping up with his blog. The people clamored for more El and El has let them down... And why? El has been depressed, down in the dumps, the air let out of his tires... all because of The Shatner's indifference. He don't call, he don't write. El would merely like to do one holiday duet with him. Is that too much to ask? El thinks not. El thinks The Shatner would love the boost to his career that only El Snacktator can bring, but apparently The Shatner is too big for El. El doesn't deny that The Shatner is LARGE...

El will carry on, however, with or without The Shat... He won't like it, but he will.

Oprah? If you're out there... how about one more hook-up before you close up shop? How about having El Snacktator and The Shattator on your show? Hmmmm? Please??