Mar 14, 2010

Why Does Anderson Cooper Torment El?

El has been in Anderson Cooper's Facebook purgatory for weeks now. El's not even sure why he approached friendship with Anderson, but seems to recall Facebook suggesting it. Anderson and El have mutual friends. El, being the benevolent despotic type, must have thought, well sure... El can be buddies with Anderson (or even a faux Anderson), and must have sent the request.

Weeks later... El is languishing in Anderson's purgatory. At first El thought perhaps Anderson is not on Facebook that often, but noticed that since requesting friendship, has been privy to Anderson's newsfeed. He's seen that Anderson is befriending others! BUT NOT EL!

Befriend El or cut him lose Anderson! El owns you anyway... Facebook friendship or not.

Don't force El to don the infamous black t-shirt and generous poof of silvery hair. El will go all Snackderson Cooper on your hiney if he has to.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Anderson Cooper probably thinks Facebook is about him, doesn't he.

El Snacktator said...


Kathleen said...


Pinko Punko said...

ANderson Cooper is a yacht walker.