Feb 25, 2010

El Snacktator, 20th Century Muse: Edgar Leeteg

Taken from Gardner's Art Through the Ages: Few people realize the relevance of El Snacktator in 20th Century Art. El tantalized and teased artists, bringing out their best and their worst.

Today's offering from El's vault is a fabulous piece done by onetime good friend, Ed Leeteg. For those not familiar with Leeteg, he is better known as the Father of Modern Velvet Painting. While Leetag's preferred subject matter was nubile Tahitian woman... he was also known to do quick velvet renderings of dear friends.

The accompanying painting of El was done during El's last visit to Leeteg's, Villa Velour estate. A few drinks and some good conversation led to some studio time. Leeteg died soon after in a motorcycle crash. El is forever grateful he made the visit and that he took the time to sit for his good friend.

Few in the art world are aware of this painting's existence. Those few realize that it is irreplaceable and priceless... the melding of two unique and kitschy beings.

As Leeteg was quoted as saying, "My paintings belong in a gin mill, not a museum. If this modern crap is art, then just call my paintings beautiful. Don't call them art."

Dear Mr. Leeteg. We beg to differ... and so does El.


Smut Clyde said...

This looks like the El Greco version of El Snacktator.
Mind you, El Greco always gives me the impression that his talents were wasted and he would have been better advised to stick to black velvet as a medium

El Snacktator said...

Unfortunately El Greco was long before El's time. However, El is guessing he would have looked fabulous... perhaps posing out in front of Snackhambra... with an appropriate amount of angst... and maybe a snake.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I wonder how he would look with some orbs?

It snowed here again today, so I tried some orb snapping on the way home.

Don't know how they'll come out, it wasn't anything like blizzard conditions.

Smut Clyde said...

El Snacktator deserves better. El Greco couldn't paint to save himself. His compositions were awkward; his colours were kitsch and unmodulated; when he tried to paint human forms they always look like sacks of potatoes, with muscles in all the wrong places; his attempts to hide human forms behind drapery, it looks like crumpled cardboard.

Jennifer said...
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El Snacktator said...

Mr. Thunder- El has a fantastic orb collection! El is always on board for more orbs!

Smut Clyde is a tough critic!!! El is kind of fond of the rubbery forms of El Greco. They remind him of fever dreams.

Also, El is all about the kitsch so again... not a problem.

El is glad he doesn't paint... he'd hate to hear what Smut Clyde thought.