Nov 17, 2011

Dylan Pez Nightmare

How is it possible that El has not posted in almost two months?! El guesses the fact that he ended up on the cutting room floor right before his German premiere had something to do with it...

But, El is back... to talk of nightmares and to soothe his shaken mind.

Last night, as El was deep in slumber, did El dream about being the .00001%?? No, El dreamed about being stalked by a grammatically correct Pez dispenser. Yes, that's right. Dylan... Dylan Brody, El's #1 stalker, stalked him in his dreams.

El couldn't run. El just stood there, throwing his hands into the air, trying to strike his iconic pose, but unfortunately, he only ended up looking like he had surrendered. 


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

His one-person show MORE ARTS /LESS MARTIAL premiered in January 2009 to a standing ovation.

El must answer this!

More CUPCAKE/Mas MACHO, perhaps??

Another Kiwi said...

He has evolved into an artful anecdotalist with an engaging style all his own.
El must not become engaged to this fellow. Flee!!

Laura said...

I'm pretty sure El could squash Dylan Brody. He's got at least 200 pounds on him. :)